“Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention.”

Department of Civil Engineering

About the Department

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the world and its origin can be traced back to the time when man decided to put a roof over his head for shelter. The significance of Civil Engineering has increased manifold in the present era of infrastructural development. It is one of the most challenging and favorite disciplines amongst engineering aspiring students. Civil Engineers are the key contributors in India’s journey of becoming a developed nation in the near future.

Civil Engineering department of this college is committed to ensuring that the skilled and motivated engineering professionals are provided to the country. State of the art infrastructure has been created. Modern pieces of equipment and software have been purchased with an emphasis on “hands-on” training to the students. The department has a well qualified, dedicated and motivated team of faculty who are giving their best for the welfare of the students. A proper feedback system, faculty mentors, creation of Civil Engineering Society, GATE classes for final year students, Employability Skills Training for pre-final year students, NSS, guest lectures by reputed persons, the conduct of faculty development programs, etc. are some of the initiatives taken by the department in the interest of the students.

HoD’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure and pride in heading the most vibrant and progressive department of the institute. The department is bestowed with a blend of young, dynamic, motivated and experienced faculty. The department has its separate four-storeyed building. The department boasts off some firsts and unique things. Only the Civil Engineering department has created the Civil Engineering Society under which regular student activities are organized by the students themselves. Institute’s first-ever and the only (till date) technical faculty development program has been conducted by the Civil Engineering department. Our 11 students (out of total 15 from the whole institute) had qualified GATE in 2019. The department pays special attention to practical & industrial training, extra-curricular activities, seminar presentations, etc. of students for their all-round development. We are striving hard to make our students ready to face the challenges and become future global leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and most importantly, good human beings.

Dr.  (Prof.) Deepak Kumar

Our Vision

To become the best and most promising engineering department amongst all engineering colleges of the state imparting quality technical education in Civil Engineering”.


 Our Mission

  • To foster the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and life-long learning in students.

  • To provide state of the art lab facilities for academic and research growth of students as well as faculty.

  • To strive hard for producing students which are employable, industry-ready and dedicated for welfare of the society.

  • To give exposure of latest technological advancements and sustainable construction practices to the students.

  • To imbibe professional ethics, managerial skills and human values in students.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To make the students understand and analyse various Civil Engineering concepts/principles and apply them to design various Civil Engineering structures.

  • To train the students for sustainable infrastructural development and environment friendly construction practices.

  • To give exposure to students about emerging fields and innovative technological advancements in Civil Engineering.

  • To imbibe human values, professional ethics and managerial skills amongst students.

  • To make the students industry ready and employable by giving them real life projects and undergoing industrial training/internship during course of study.

Program Outcomes

  • Students are able to analyse and design modern Civil Engineering structures.

  • Students are able to contribute in sustainable infrastructural development of the nation.

  • As a practicing Civil Engineer, students are able to make innovations and use latest available techniques in construction.

  • Students prove to be good managers in the field, they follow ethical professional practices and above all prove to be a good human being.

  • Industry is ready to employ students in real world of work with handsome package.

Faculty Members

Dr. Deepak Kumar
Dr. Deepak KumarProfessor and HoD CE
email: hodcerggec@gmail.com
Contact No.: 9418459175
Mr. Mahesh kumar
Mr. Mahesh kumarAssistant Professor
email: ermksehra@gmail.com
Contact No.: 9148532792
Mr. Nishant Mehra
Mr. Nishant MehraAssistant Professor
email: ernishantmehra@gmail.com
Contact No.: 8894229008
Mr. Rohit Vasudeva
Mr. Rohit VasudevaAssistant Professor
email: rohitvasudeva.ce@gmail.com
Contact No.: 7838412377
Mr. Ankur Thakur
Mr. Ankur ThakurAssistant Professor
email: ankurthakur1234@gmail.com
Contact No.: 9882398771

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