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Vision, Mission, Objectives And Core Values

We're here for students. Our job is to make sure your college experience is everything it should be - exciting, stimulating, and successful. We guarantee an equal education opportunity without regard to gender, marital status, color, race, religion, national origin, or disability.


To become a world class institution to produce manpower with skills, creativity and passion dedicated to innovation and excellence with quest for continuous improvement.


To build a state-of-the-art institution to impart excellent quality higher education entrenched with human values in the field of Engineering & Technology and applied sciences to aspiring students who will strive continuously to improve the quality of life, creation of wealth and economic development of the country.


  1. To provide students with fundamental technical education and skills in mathematics, Science and Engineering.
  2. To provide students with necessary skills and practical knowledge to fulfil their professional duties and responsibilities in team work, ethics, technical leadership, business and lifelong learning.
  3. To make the students to become true engineers and innovators to make substantial contributions to the society.
  4. To prepare the students to become successful engineers and managers to meet the global industrial requirements.
  5. To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students and foster close interaction with industries

Core Values

  1. Student Focus : Meeting community and student needs by creating an educational environment and culture so that students can attain a variety of goals.
  2. Excellence : Maintain a high standard of integrity and performance leading to the achievement of academic and professional goals.
  3. Collaboration : Seeking input from all sectors of the college and the community.
  4. Diversity : Fostering a learning community in which the values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  5. Life - Long Learning : Serving enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth.
  6. Integrity : Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels.
  7. Technological Advancement : Keeping pace with global technology trends and enhancing traditional instruction with technology to prepare students for success in the workplace.