“One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.”

Department of Applied Science & Humanities

About the Department

The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, has been an integral part of the college ever since its inception offering instruction in Engineering-Mathematics, Engineering -Physics and Engineering -Chemistry, Environmental-Science, Disaster-Management, Communication-Skills, Sociology and Human Values to students of the various core branches of engineering. The department is devoted to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles and inculcation of basic human values and ethics. The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast-growing technology. Sound acquaintance with basic sciences plays a crucial role in developing technical approach and methodical thinking. These are the subjects on which the strong building of all the modern innovations is based. In this manner these subjects are the stepping stones for the advancement of the students to higher studies. The subjects of Humanities impart instructions to undergraduate students of the various engineering disciplines which cater to their needs of developing soft-skills, social behaviors and ethics. This is a full-fledged department decorated with highly qualified faculties in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. The department is succeeding to keep the rapport between the latest technological changes and the requirements of the students who have to visage the global challenges.

HoD’s Message

As we know, first year of students life in any engineering college plays a major role in guiding the students to be a prospective engineer. Applied Science and Humanities Department of Rajiv Gandhi Government Engineering College (RGGEC)Kangra at NagrotaBagwan is very well aware of this fact. Our department nurtures and molds the students to enter the rapidly fast-changing pragmatic world. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff of our department boosts the students` thinking potential and lifts their critical analyzing skills, as most of the students come from the diversified social environment, it becomes a need for the department that they are mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations, express themselves and would feel comfortable away from home. Students are also guided to keep away from bad habits, like drug-taking and wasting their time over trifles.

The department has a well qualified and experienced staff that is always on their toes. The faculties have excellent academic records and are highly regarded amongst students. The laboratories in our department are at a world-class level. The various subjects offered to students in the first year, though common to all branches, essentially lays a strong foundation to emerge as a potential engineer. Hence our motivated staff wholly dedicated to first-year students as well as to make the subjects simple and interesting.

The activities like Expert Lectures, Site Visits, Technical Events, Sports and Cultural Events, etc are conducted to widen their horizon. To conclude, the department catalyzes and assures a very healthy, amicable and a competitive atmosphere for our future Engineer.

Mr.  Harsh Kumar
Head of the Department
Department of Applied Science and Humanities

Vision & Mission

Mr. Harsh Kumar
Mr. Harsh KumarHoD Applied Science & Humanities
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Contact No.: 7018028129
Mr. Vinay Kumar
Mr. Vinay KumarAssistant Professor Mathematics
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Ms. Meenakshi Shruti Pal
Ms. Meenakshi Shruti PalAssistant Professor Computer Science
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Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Dr. Pankaj SharmaAssistant Professor Chemistry
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Ms. Anjali Sharma
Ms. Anjali SharmaAssistant Professor English
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