The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, has been an integral part of the college ever since its inception offering instruction in Engineering-Mathematics, Engineering -Physics and Engineering -Chemistry, Environmental-Science, Disaster-Management, Communication-Skills, Sociology and Human Values to students of the various core branches of engineering. The department is devoted to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles and inculcation of basic human values and ethics. The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast-growing technology. Sound acquaintance with basic sciences plays a crucial role in developing technical approach and methodical thinking. These are the subjects on which the strong building of all the modern innovations is based. In this manner these subjects are the stepping stones for the advancement of the students to higher studies. The subjects of Humanities impart instructions to undergraduate students of the various engineering disciplines which cater to their needs of developing soft-skills, social behaviors and ethics. This is a full-fledged department decorated with highly qualified faculties in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. The department is succeeding to keep the rapport between the latest technological changes and the requirements of the students who have to visage the global challenges. 

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