Rajiv Gandhi Government Engineering College Kangra at Nagrota Bagwan



Laboratories and Equipment Available in Department

1. Strength of Materials Lab :

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Brinell-Cum Rockwell Hardness Test.
2. Fatigue Testing Machine.
3. Torsion Testing Machine.
4. Impact Testing Machine.
5. UTM (Universal Testing Machine).

2. Fluid Mechanics Lab :

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Metacentric Height Apparatus.
2. Venturimeter & Orifice Meter Apparatus.
3. Pitot Tube Apparatus.
4. Head Loses Due to Friction In Pipe Lines Apparatus.
5. Losses Due to Pipe Fittings (Sudden Enlargement & Sudden Contraction) Apparatus.
6. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus.
7. Reynolds Apparatus.
8. Notch Apparatus.
9. Cavitation Apparatus.
10. Impact of jet on vanes Apparatus.
11. Pipe Surge and water Hammer Apparatus.

3. Internal Combustion Engines Lab

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Cut section Model of IC Engines.
(a) Single Cylinder Two stroke petrol Engine. (b) Single cylinder four stroke petrol engine. (c) Single cylinder four stroke Diesel engine. (d) Four Cylinder Four stroke petrol Engine. (e) Four Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine.
2. Variable compression ratio test rig.
3. Morse test rig.
4. Open ECU test rig.

5. Turbo Machines Lab

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Centrifugal pump test rig.
2. Reciprocating pump test rig.
3. Pelton wheel turbine test rig.
4. Kaplan Turbine test rig.
5. Francis Turbine Test rig.
6. Hydraulic Ram Pump test rig.

7. Heat Transfer Lab

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Free & Force Convection.
2. Heat conduction in Metal.
3. Heat conduction & convection.
4. Heat transfer by radiation.
5. Plate type Heat Exchanger.

8. Automation & Robotics Lab

Equipment/Machinery/Apparatus/Test rig.
1. Modular Manufacturing System
(a) Feeder Station (b) Inspection Station (c) Buffer Station
(d) Process Station (e) Sorting Station.

Laboratories under Development in Department

1. Theory of Machines Lab

2. Materials Technology Lab

3. A

4. B

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